To create a better HR environment through strong principles and esteemed values.


To Develop a Long-term partnership to help transform today’s HR challenges into a successful tomorrow.

VR, your HR Partner

VR Associates is where by outsourcing your HR and Administrative functions, you are able to concentrate on growth of your core business. We work as a part of your team, integrate with your organisation so that your path to success is free of hassle from these two functions.

Post Covid the dynamics of HR/ADMIN functions have changed and in order to stay competitive in current business environment outsourcing has become the norm and we at VRA are geared up for this. We are abreast with the latest developments in this field and are able to suggest cost cutting and economically viable alternatives as far as these two functions are concerned.

Human Resources outsourcing gives businesses the option of delegating all or part of their HR/ADMIN related assignments and tasks to us instead of having an inhouse team for these activities. This option allows companies to manage their HR management services, without having to employ a full-time HR team there by trimming their work force and reduce their OH costs. Outsourcing your HR activities will reduce the complexities/hassles of handling day to day human resource issues directly by you. We feel that HR activities includes a lot of tasks which are time consuming, process driven and have to be handled systematically.

We are flexible in our approach and develop process / strategies tailor made to suit your business. Managed by experienced / qualified professionals having experience in different industries, with varied exposure, we are able to resolve all your problems and come up with innovative solutions.

Our Approach

We believe in keeping HR simple, this includes giving you first class organisational support, coupled with a common-sense approach and workable solution, even in the most challenging situations. We study your organisational requirements and needs before strategically evolving a process which gears up your company to have a firm HR base, which lays a strong foundation for all your future needs while your business grows. Transparency and Confidentiality are the core virtues at VRA and these are the basic principles which we are proud off.

Why Choose VRA

We believe in building relationship and forming new Partners, not clients. We act as an extension of your company handling the most complex Human Resources needs and become your trusted advisers. The Experts you meet on day one will be the ones who will handle your project for its whole duration.

How Different is VRA

We create customized client solutions

We have the flexibility and freedom to design solution to fit your exact needs. One size does not fit all, and we’re not about to recommend that it does. Your company and your leaders are like no other, so your solution should be too.

We Are Proactive

We are at our best when we understand your business. We take the time to understand the historical context and current state, the strategic plan and key objectives, and how long-term goals impact the current and future business need.

We Are Responsible

We do not just tell our clients what they want to hear. We provide straightforward feedback and authentic insight in order to both accelerate and safeguard the organization.

We Maintain Confidentiality

We also ensure that all your business and employee data are kept strictly confidential and secure so that you can concentrate on the growth.

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